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Climatcool Air Conditioners an Industry leader known for superior product performance and reliability, offer a variety of cooling and heating systems to suit any requirement. Our range of products includes Window/Packaged air conditioners from 1 to 30 tons and Decorative Split from 1 to 15 tons comprised of Wall, Cassette, Floor Ceiling and Free-Standing type. Climatcool also has a full range of Packaged Chiller system from 1 to 400 tons with matching Chilled Water Fan Coil units and Chilled Water Double Skin Air Handling units and efficient VRF system.

Climatcool is now ready with the environment friendly product. Our latest range of decorative mini split units, ductable split units, rooftop package units, etc. are available with refrigerant R410a which is very high EER, efficient and compact equipment. Most of our product range is listed and certified by various government agencies of the GCC countries. Climatcool VRF is the latest range in efficiency and performance. Its inverter technology with all D.C. scroll compressors and direct drive D.C. fan motors, save energy and the environment friendly refrigerant R410-A protects ozone layer from depleting in the atmosphere.


Climatcool is one of the leaders in the air conditioning industry and an established brand mark over the years offering a comprehensive range of superb FanCoil/AirHandling units built to the highest engineering standard in our associate manufacturer in Thailand, Malaysia and China. All cooling coils are in accordance with current ARI440 norms.

Climatcool gives you one stop shop for Central Split, Decorative & 100% fresh Air Handling units. The units are designed, built and tested to provide the best value solution available to designers and installer like.

Among key features of Climatcool FanCoil units are efficient and quiet operations, ease of installation, trouble free operation and long-term reliability of components.  Purposes elected and qualified components comply with the latest industry standard for example motors multi-speed PSC type are UL approved, insulated to class b having an enclosure protection to IP44 and bearing sealed or life. Cooling coil performance tested and related in accordance with ARI410 standards and each coil individually pressure tested to 24bars (350psi).

Electrical wiring is done in-compliance with the latest safety IEC standards. Various flitters options offered and equipped to EU2 or EU3 grade depending on type and application. Casing and drain pan fabricated from prime quality galvanized steel insulated with open cell thermal and acoustic class ‘O’ foam.

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